Optop de Waterkant

As part of our mission; Building as many new buildings in wood as possible, we would like to show our vision of how we can improve the current built environment with sustainable and low-impact interventions. The op-top series is a series of speculative concept proposals for existing locations throughout the Netherlands. There is plenty of wasteland, unused objects and flat roofs to give new life to.

In addition to showing the possibilities of using existing roofs, we also want to show the advantages of using a modular lightweight system.

The Q-park building on the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam has been transformed over the years into a bustling restaurant and a pick-up and boarding point for boats for people sailing through the Amsterdam canals. Coupled with the fact that the city center is slowly lifting its accessibility for cars, new opportunities are emerging for housing in unexpected places.

This is what our optop concept is for, an unused roof parking space is transformed into an apartment complex with community gardens by using circular, modular and wooden constructions.

Status Concept
Locatie Amsterdam
Periode 2021
Programma Residential
BVO 3400 m2
Opdrachtgever Own initiative
Team Sustainer; Henry Roberts, Hena Micoogullari

Deel dit project