City Deal Circular and Conceptual Construction

Datum: 8-4-2021

48 governments and market parties join City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building

On Thursday afternoon, April 8th, 48 new, motivated partners joined the City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building during the Innovation Expo. This brings the total to 86 partners.
In the City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building, cities, provinces, central government, construction companies, knowledge institutions and umbrella organizations work side by side to realize joint ambitions in the field of sustainable building.

Tough tasks
One million homes will have to be built in the coming years to meet the demand for living space. At the same time, we are faced with the task of doing this in a circular and climate-neutral way, using renewable raw materials and reducing CO2 and nitrogen.

The central ambition of the participants in this City Deal is therefore to make the construction sector a driving force for the circular economy. In the coming years a lot will have to change in the way construction is done and the materials with which this is done.

The partners will work together on industrial, demountable and biobased construction. New valuation methods are being sought to make circular and demountable construction affordable and financeable. In this way, the construction sector contributes to a sustainable future for the Netherlands and innovation and sustainable construction techniques contribute to a valuable building stock.

This City Deal shows that circular and conceptual construction contribute to the affordability and progress of the construction agenda. Moreover, it can give a positive impulse to our landscape and help combat climate change.

City Deals
In City Deals, municipalities, central government, private parties, knowledge institutions and other organizations work together on an equal footing on innovative solutions for complex urban challenges. The City Deal concept originated six years ago in the Agenda City program of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. 27 City Deals have now been signed on various multidisciplinary issues, such as electric shared mobility, customization in the social domain, climate adaptation and urban food policy. City Deals have been identified as powerful examples of administrative innovation in various studies by, among others, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the NSOB. In 2019 City Deals was awarded a Best Practice certificate during the European Public Sector Awards. Read more about City Deals.

The following parties will join the City Deal Circular and Conceptual Building on April 8:
Cities: Venlo, Alphen aan den Rijn, Eindhoven, Amersfoort, Boxtel, Dordrecht, Zaanstad,
Purmerend and Amsterdam.
Provinces: Gelderland, North Brabant, North Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht.
Other partners: Centrum Hout, Groen Ontwikkelingsfonds Brabant, Biobased Creations, Bouwend
Netherlands, CSR Netherlands, BTIC, Brickton, AM Vastgoed, ASR, Blue City, Rabobank, Trivire, Buro
Quay, Chainable, De Keys, Ons Doel, Duwo, Portaal Leiden, Healthy Homes, TNO, SVH, The New Block, Treeport, Probos Foundation, Koopmans Bouwgroep, Parteon, Coup-Group, Central Government Real Estate Agency, Area Development Knowledge Foundation, Woonbron, Pioneering, NEPROM and Partnership Spring, Synchronous.

Founding partners:
Cities: Leiden, The Hague, Almere, Utrecht, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen
Provinces: South Holland, Flevoland
Central government: LNV, BZK (BFR, B&E, R&L, WB), I&W
Private Parties: Dura Vermeer, Van Wijnen, BAM, Bouwfonds Property Development (BPD), ASN Bank, Madaster Services Netherlands, Sustainer, Sweco Netherlands, ITMOOS, New Horizon, Urban Climate Architects, Finch Buildings, Cepezed projects, Rc Panels
Knowledge institutions: Utrecht University (Urban Futures Studio), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, TU Delft (The Green Village) and the Hogeschool Utrecht
Network organisations: Platform31, Cirkelstad, De Bouwcampus, C-creators Foundation, iCircl, Network Conceptual Building, Holland Houtland, Dutch Green Building Council Association of Housing Associations: Aedes

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City Deals lead to innovative solutions for social issues. That's how we work
together on the future of the urban Netherlands.

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