Fireproof timber construction: It's possible!

Datum: 30-11-2021

On two rainy days in October 2021, the time had come to set our modules on fire!
A moment we've looked forward to for a long time; testing the fire safety of our modules in practice.

As far as we know, this is a really unique way to invest in testing our systems. Thanks to the collaboration with geWOONhout, we have been able to do this on such a large scale.

We think it is very important to empirically prove that it really works and that it's possible: fireproof timber construction.

The test building contains an enormous number of sensors and measuring instruments. This allows us to measure the temperature in 100 different places. This way we know exactly what is happening at what time and where. There's still a lot of missing information about the behavior of wood in a fire, especially when complete modules are made from wood.

By doing a large-scale test like this, so not a small-scale laboratory test, but really setting an actual building on fire, we can obtain a lot of realistic data and ensure that we can build safely with wood.

In collaboration with Nieman, Brandweer Twente and the Twente safety campus, we were able to successfully perform this test.

Curious about how our modules fared and what the preliminary impression is of the specialists?

Then watch the entire video below.

This research has been made possible by REACT EU.



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